Welcome to the Warhammer 40k Miniture Board Game WikiEdit

This Wiki is all about my warhammer 40k amry collection as well as their history and latest news about them.

Ultramarines 4th Battle CompanyEdit

The Ultramarine 4th company is one of the 5 battle companies in the Ultramarines Chapter. The Battle Companies normally do all the war jobs of the chapter, leaving the other companies to fill in casaulties and reinforce the battle companies when needed.

My ArmyEdit

About 4 years ago I decided I would collect an Ultramarine Army. I started off by collecting the 2nd company, but got bored of them. Everyone was getting the second company and I wanted to be a little different.


Only quite recently have actually been playing proper one to one battles with people. Over the years I have gone to GW trainning sections and played there, against staff and people, but never in anything big.

Latest activityEdit

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