Ultramarine 4th Battle CompanyEdit

The Ultramarine 4th company is one of the 5 battle companies in the Ultramarines Chapter. The Battle Companies normally do all the war jobs of the chapter, leaving the other companies to fill in casaulties and reinforce the battle companies when needed.

Captain (Master of the Fleet)Edit

The Ultramarine 4th company is one of the 5 battle companies in the Ultramarines Chapter. The company was originally led by captain Idaeus, but died to the hands of the Knight Lords. In his his place came Captain Uriel

Dawn of war Ultramarines 4th company03:28

Dawn of war Ultramarines 4th company

Ventris. The 4th companies banner shows an iron gauntlet. This is the heraldry of the former captain Idaeus to show how much a great warrior he was.  

Uriel originated as a farm boy from Calth (a cavern world in the Ultramar system). As a recruite, he was not well like but soon became respected among the ranks. His first battle as captain was on Pavonis angaint the dreaded eldar and Nightbringer. He also battled a gainst the Tyranids on Tarsis Ultra. However he was sent on a death oath as he didn't follow the codex. Going into the heart of the Eye of Terror, he and his best friend and sergant Passanius,who came along, infiltrated a world infested in Iron warriors. After completing their death oath, the escaped onto another planet, and got in touch with the Grey Knights. The Grey Knights took him back to Macragge, where he became Captain again.  

Captain Uriel Ventris would be given the title Master of the Fleet, as Idaeus was. However, as Uriel wasn't very expirienced at fighting in space, he gave the title to Tiberius Lazio.


There are 10 sergeants in the 4th Company. This includes:

  • 6 x Tactical squad Sergeants
  • 2x Assault squad Sergeants
  • 2x Devortsator Segeants

Of course, this isn't including if any scouts or vetrans from the 1st and 10th companies help as well. 

There are seargeants names (some have died in battle)
250px-The Killing Ground Ultramarines novel

Picture of Sergeant Pasanius

  • Abantes Learchus- Tactical squad
  • Aktis - Deverstator squad
  • Archo
  • Barkha
  • Ephor - Assault squad
  • Ixios - Assault squad
  • Lykon - Tactical suad
  • Lysane Pasanius - Tactical squad
  • Nestor - Tactical squad
  • Patrean - Tactical squad
  • Theron - Tactical squad
  • Venasus

Command Squad (Swords of Calth)Edit

This is Uriel Ventris' Command squad. He formed the command squad up in wake of the defence of Calth. Therefore deciding to call the squad, The Swords of Calth. This squad includes 5 vetrans od the 4th Company.   This includes The following:

  • Nero, Petronius - Company Champion
  • Cyprian, Brutus - Vetran Seargeant 
  • Hadrianus, Livius - Squad meltagun marksman
  • Selenus - Company Apothecary
  •  - Company standard bearer

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